Credit Slab Cares about Veterans, Waives Setup Fees for Credit Rebuilding Services

Credit Slab Cares launched its latest program for current and former members of the Canadian Armed Forces. All CAF and Canadian veteran will have their setup fees waived and be automatically approved for any Credit Slab and Canada Credit Fix programs.

Credit Slab Cares launches its latest charitable initiative today by offering Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces special discounts for its credit repair and credit score rebuilding services. Available on the Canada Credit Fix, Credit Advise, Nu Life Credit Improvement and Credit Slab, this new drive to help Canadian veterans of the armed forces offers to waive the setup fees as well as automatically approve veterans for membership into the aforementioned programs. This new drive to help Canada’s war and peacekeeping veterans is part of Credit Slab Cares’ drive to help those in need, recognizing the sacrifices veterans make in their lives in order to serve their country.

These days it is not uncommon to hear stories about financial hardships for Canadian veterans and current serving members of the armed forces. In a report released from the National Defence and Canadian Forces Ombudsman in 2013, titled ‘On the Homefront: Assessing the Well-being of Canada’s Military Families in the New Millennium’, key issues have been identified as contributing to financial hardships for Canadian forces families. Those issues include separation and hardship caused by overseas deployments, financial and employment issues for families due to geographical relocation, off base housing costs and suitable housing, sustaining gainful employment for spouses, accessing social benefits and health care, and raising families under these obstacles. Veterans wounded in the line of duty also have to handle issues involving their health care costs, loss of employment, insufficient benefits to handle financial hardship and the physical and psychological effects of their wounds. These issues have become more pronounced since Canada’s deployment to Afghanistan and the effects don’t have to be physical; it is not uncommon to hear about veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression both during and after deployment. Compounding the issue are difficulties in receiving treatment for veterans as well as receiving sufficient benefits to cover costs and make up for employment loss.

Though Canadian forces members are proud of their service and receive more support than in the past there are still veterans and current serving members of the armed forces that fall under financial hardships due to the rigors and trials of military life and post military civilian life. Under these conditions it’s difficult for anyone to maintain a positive financial record and a clean credit score. These problems are compounded when extended to their spouses, whom also have to share in the burdens involved with military life. Relocation, loss of work, injury, delays in benefits and difficulty finding gainful, stable employment result in late bills and payments that get entered into their credit reports, all which can drag down a healthy Equifax and Transunion credit score and rating.

Started last year as a response to a growing need for charitable efforts and a call to action for the corporate community to help Canadians in need, Credit Slab Cares is known for its charitable drives and financial and resource donations to families, organizations and individuals in need. Their previous work including volunteer efforts at local Calgary charity organizations such as Inn from the Cold, The Calgary Food Bank, Kids Up Front, Calgary Humane Society, Little Mutts Rescue and through adopting families in need of charitable assistance.

Aware of the financial hardships experienced by our veterans, Credit Slab and Canada Credit Fix CEO Sheldon Wolf extended an offer to waive the setup fees of his Credit Slab, Canada Credit Fix, Nu Life and Credit Advise programs to all current members of Canada’s Armed Forces and previously serving veterans, as well as granting automatic approval to these programs just for applying. It is Credit Slab Cares’ way of contributing to the well-being of all active and past serving members of the Canadian armed forces, acknowledging their sacrifice and the financial issues facing hard working and loyal armed forces personnel. Wolf’s has also announced that in many cases his firm will be offering credit restoration on pro-bono basis in order to help veterans the accurate credit that they deserve.

By providing our current and past members of the armed forces automatic approval for his credit repair and credit improvement programs through Credit Slab Cares, Sheldon Wolf offers to give back to our veterans and armed forces personnel for all their loyalty, hard work and service to their country. Though sacrifices and hardship are part of the armed forces lifestyle, it should not come at the expense of their financial record or their ability to remain financially solvent. Armed forces members both past and present deserve financial solvency like anyone else.

Credit Slab Cares is proud to help alleviate financial pressures for our veterans and our current serving members of the armed forces through their latest charitable initiative.

Talkin’ Turkey

Holiday Food Drive for the Calgary Food Bank.

From a small seed grows an opportunity. An opportunity for us to spread our success and give back right into the very communities that we live. I would like to personally thank each and every one that pitched in to make our Holiday Sharing so wonderful. These are the same people that come into our office each and every day and give 110%!

Many people are amazed at how fast our company has grown and I can assure you that I am not surprised at all! We have created a positive office culture and assembled so many amazing people together under one roof. I will tell you that I have never been more proud of my group and I wish each and everyone of them success and prosperity!

Happy Holidays!

CreditSlab Care will be Adopting Families

Every family, even the less fortunate, should not be left out for this joyous holiday season. By donating and adopting, we intend to bring hope and encouragement to those who are struggling.  That’s why this month — and going forward — we will be adopting a family to donate goodies to lift up their spirits.

We are pleased to announce our Newest Adopted Family – Christmas 2015

This year we have selected a wonderful local family right here in Calgary, Alberta.  We chose our adopted family based on the fact the Mom of three children is struggling and yet doing such an amazing job with very little.  It is our understanding that fridges and freezers are close to bare and each month is a task to get by.  Our corporate policy “No one gets left behind” was taken into play when we decided to help out this family.  Our entire office staff is very excited to play Secret Santa and surprise these kids with gifts and mom a fridge full of groceries!  Heck…..  even the fluffy pets will get some Holiday cheer and bones from us!

Every month we will be looking for a local family to adopt. Please stay tune for more pics of the goods we will be providing for these families.

From our Family to yours, Have a safe and healthy Holiday!

The Credit Slab Gang!

Should you know a family in need, please contact us and share the story!  Maybe we can help.

Movember Charity 2015

Just for fun, this month the employees of Credit Slab will be having a Movember competition. A mystery prize will go to the person with the Best ‘Stache for November. This contest will be open to BOTH men and women.

Also, this month we will be having a 50/50 Draw for Cancer Charity. Everyone in the office can put in $20 dollars. Half will go to the winner of the draw, and the other half will be donated to a Cancer Foundation.